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Client Comments

"I have always thought Premier Physical Therapy was full of great people with big hearts, but my recent experience has proved that even more.

My company recently gave me an opportunity to work in China. While training at a local rock climbing gym, a hobby I have had for many years, I felt a strange shift in my lower back/left hip. The soreness ended my workout, and I limped home. By the next morning, I was stuck face-down on my bed, unable to move without severe pain. Read full comment

Alter G Treadmill Alter G Machine
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In the News

Premier Physical Therapy's anti gravity treadmill was featured on WCBD-TV.

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Healing Lives, One Patient at a Time

Imagine an outpatient rehabilitation facility that treats you - not just your current pain or health challenge. A place where a team of physical therapists and trainers considers you part of the family, advocates on your behalf, and supports you in achieving the quality of life you desire.

From the moment you contact us, you will notice the Premier Physical Therapy difference. Our physical therapists have advanced training and extensive experience in treating a wide range of health issues with manual techniques and therapeutic exercises. While we work hard, we strive to have fun and help you enjoy your efforts to improve or restore your health.

Whether you're suffering from a spinal or neck injury or recovering from shoulder or knee surgery, or you're in need of preventative services such as sports conditioning or weight management, our programs are designed to help you heal your body, stay in shape, and increase your health and wellness.

Located in North Charleston, our spacious facility offers the latest exercise equipment, and we have endless pool for aquatic therapy.

Call us at 843-797-5167, or visit our services page to see how our team of physical therapists can help you.

STOP Sports Injuries

Due to the growing epidemic of serious yet preventable youth sports injuries, the STOP Sports Injuries campaign helps prevent athletic injuries in kids. Sports injury prevention is the paramount goal of this program and aims to teach athletes, parents, and coaches best sports training practices to prevent injuries.

Premier Physical Therapy is proud to partner with STOP Sports Injuries and to promote it as an effective way to prevent sports injuries and help youth realize their sports hopes and dreams.

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